Swine Veterinary & Consulting – Morris, MN

Swine Veterinary & Consulting Services in Morris, MN

Do you need veterinary and consulting services for your swine herd in the greater Morris, Minnesota area?

Suidae Health & Production is a veterinary clinic catering exclusively to pigs. We also offer a variety of consulting and management services to independent swine farmers in the Midwest. Our dedicated staff of swine veterinarians, microbiologists and other hog experts aspire to help farmers maintain the health of their swine herds while meeting their production goals.


Swine Health Services in Minnesota

If you’re a swine farmer in Minnesota, North Dakota or South Dakota who wants our help with caring for your pigs, we encourage you to reach out to our clinic in Morris.

Suidae offers many different services to swine farmers, including:

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  • All veterinary services for your hogs including routine check-ups and vaccinations
  • Swine herd health consultations and inspections to keep your pigs disease-free
  • Assistance with the management of any operations on your swine farm including accounting, human resources and record keeping
  • An in-house laboratory for diagnosing swine illnesses and creating vaccines
  • The procurement of swine products at below-market prices
  • Ongoing research into all aspects of swine health and production
  • And more!


Suidae’s Morris Clinic Keeps Your Hogs Healthy

Whether you need veterinary services, health consultations or management assistance for your hog farm, our swine health experts would be happy to help you. Contact Suidae Health & Production today for professional swine veterinary and consulting services in the Morris, MN area!