Swine Veterinary & Consulting – Norfolk, NE

Swine Veterinary & Consulting Services in Norfolk, NE

Do you require veterinary and consulting services for your swine herd in the greater Norfolk, Nebraska area?

Suidae Health & Production is a consulting service and veterinary clinic that works exclusively with swine. We assist Midwestern swine farmers with all manner of services including veterinary care, health consultation and operation management. Our passionate team of swine veterinarians, lab technicians and other pig care specialists are committed to helping independent farmers keep their hogs healthy while always achieving their production goals.

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Swine Health Services in Nebraska

If you’re a hog farmer in Nebraska, South Dakota or Northwestern Iowa who would like our assistance with swine health care, you should get in touch with our clinic in Norfolk.

Suidae can assist swine farmers with all types of services, including:

  • Providing routine check-ups, illness diagnoses, vaccinations and other veterinary services to your pigs
  • Performing on-site swine health consultations to identify threats to your herd and help you implement health protection protocol
  • Helping you to manage your accounts, records, human resources department and all other operations on your farm
  • Using our own laboratory to diagnose diseases among your herd and create farm-specific vaccines
  • Purchasing swine care products for customers at lower-than-market values
  • Performing innovative research on swine health care and production
  • And more!

Suidae’s Norfolk Clinic Protects Your Pigs

If you want veterinary care, production management or herd health consultation, our swine care specialists can provide exemplary services. Reach out to Suidae Health & Production today for reliable swine veterinary and consulting services in the Norfolk, NE area!