Swine Consulting In South Dakota

Swine Health Consulting Services in South Dakota

Are you in search of health consulting services for your swine herd in the state of South Dakota?

Hog farming has been a staple of American agriculture since the beginning, and South Dakota is a major hub for hog farmers. Swine farming is no easy job, and one of the greatest dangers faced by swine farmers is the outbreak of disease. Many illnesses can spread among a herd of hogs, killing them or making them unsellable, and costing you a fortune.

If you want assistance in developing preventative measures for porcine diseases, we suggest you receive consultation from swine experts who can help you protect your pigs. Suidae Health & Production is a veterinary clinic catering specifically to pigs, and our team of professionals are devoted to aiding farmers like you with keeping herds in good health and meeting your production goals.

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Professional Swine Herd Consultation

There are a number of ways in which Suidae can help your South Dakota swine farm:

  • Sending out swine veterinarians for routine inspections of your herd.
  • Helping you to develop and utilize swine herd health protection protocols for your farm.
  • Conducting bio-security risk assessments of your farm, feedmill, wash and more.
  • Identifying and eradicating swine illnesses including toxoplasmosis, dysentery and influenza.
  • Setting up state-of-the-art air and water filtration systems on your farm, and teaching you how to use them effectively.


Suidae Safeguards Your Swine

Managing a swine farm requires tons of hard work, so take it easy on yourself and call upon specialists to share the load. Suidae Health & Production is committed to assisting Midwestern swine farmers in keeping their hogs healthy. Contact Suidae today for swine consultation services in South Dakota!