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Operations Management for Hog Farms in Minnesota

Would you like assistance with management for your hog farm in Minnesota?

A lot of hard work goes into running a hog farm in Minnesota. If managing the daily operations of your hog farm has become too much of a chore and you need some help, let Suidae Health & Production step in to help manage your operation.


The Best Swine Farm Management Services in MN

At Suidae, our experienced team of swine production experts are able to perform any operations management services necessary for your hog farm in Minnesota. We want to help swine farmers nationwide to achieve all of their production goals and turn a steady profit. Our staff are well-equipped to manage these operations on your behalf:

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  • Human Resources – We can serve as a H.R. department for your pig farm in Minnesota. We will hire skilled staff to work on your farm, oversee the payroll and perform any other H.R. services you need.
  • Data Analysis – Our experts can manage data procurement and analysis of your grow-finish facilities, sow farms and closeouts. We’ll examine your records and determine areas for improvement that will help you to increase your productivity and profits.
  • Production Supervision – We can manage the entire process of pig production throughout all of your facilities. We can send production supervisors to sow farms and grow-finish sites regularly to guarantee that production standards are achieved.
  • Health Supervision – Our specialists can provide top-tier veterinary supplies and services to your hog farm in Minnesota. We can conduct herd health checks and immediately address any health problems we discover to mitigate production losses.

Get in contact with Suidae Health & Production today if you want us to provide any of our operations management services for your hog farm in Minnesota!

We offer operations management services in Morris, MN and in other surrounding areas. Call today!