Swine Management – Wisconsin

Operations Management for Hog Farms in Wisconsin 

Are you looking for help with managing your hog farm in Wisconsin?

Managing a hog farm takes a lot of work, which can be made easier with help from a team of production experts. Suidae Health & Production is here to help your pig farm in Wisconsin by supplying operations management services.


The Premier Swine Farm Management Services in WI

At Suidae, our experienced team of hog farm specialists can provide assistance with many facets of your pig farm in Wisconsin. We want to help hog farmers all over the United States to achieve success by consistently meeting their production goals. Let us assist you with any of the following farm operations:

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  • Human Resources – Do you need an H.R. department for your pig farm in Wisconsin? Let us hire hard-working staff, manage your payroll and fulfill all other H.R. duties.
  • Data Analysis – Do you want help with data procurement and analysis for your facilities? Our experts can analyze your records and help you to generate increased profits.
  • Production Supervision – Would you like a production supervisor for your sow farms and grow-finish facilities? Our specialists can regularly tour these facilities to verify that industry protocols are being followed.
  • Health Supervision – Do you need veterinary services and supplies for your swine farm in Wisconsin? Our veterinarians will perform routine health checks for your herd and quickly resolve any health issues.

Reach out to Suidae Health & Production today if you’re interested in employing our operations management services for your hog farm in Wisconsin!