Swine Products

Swine Products

Are you looking to purchase products for your pigs or facilities?

Operating a successful hog farm requires the usage of many different products. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier with competitive prices for the products that your hog farm needs, Suidae Health & Production can provide everything you need.


Reputable Swine Product Supplier

Suidae is a veterinary clinic that specializes in care for pigs. Our team of veterinarians is dedicated to helping swine farmers throughout the United States keep their herds healthy and maximizing production. We can supply you with the following products for your swine farm:

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  • Swine Health Care Products – We have a spanning inventory of all products related to swine health, including commercial vaccines, autogenous vaccines, antibiotics and nutritional supplements.
  • Barn Supplies – We sell all types of supplies and products that can help you with the upkeep and maintenance of pig barns. Even if a barn maintenance product isn’t in our inventory, we can help you find everything you need.

Give Suidae Health & Production a call today if you have any questions about the products we can supply or if you are interested in purchasing swine products from us!

We offer swine products in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and across the US!