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Swine Products For Farms & Facilities In Iowa

Are you in need of products for your swine farm in Iowa?

Many different pig products go into managing a successful hog farm in Iowa. If you want to secure all the swine products you need from a local supplier at a fair price, your best option is Suidae Health & Production.


Premium Swine Product Supplier

Suidae is a Midwestern veterinary clinic that only works with pigs, and we carry all of the products you might require to care for your herd and operate your farm. Our swine veterinary staff strive to help hog farmers in Iowa to raise healthy pigs, achieve maximum production output and increase their income.

We can supply these types of products to your swine farm:

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  • Swine Health Care Products – We can provide your farm with antibiotics, commercial and autogenous vaccines, nutritional supplements and any other products that are crucial to preserving the health of your hog herd.
  • Barn Supplies – Operating a hog farm in Iowa requires all kinds of supplies, such as pig feed and feeding troughs, and we carry just about all of them. Even if a barn product isn’t in our inventory, we’re happy to procure it for you.

Give Suidae Health & Production a call today if you would like to purchase any of our swine products for your hog farm in Iowa! 

Suidae Health & Production offers swine products for hog farms in Lake City, IA and in other surrounding areas. Call today!