Swine Consulting In Nebraska

Swine Health Consulting Services in Nebraska

Are you searching for health consulting services for your swine herd in the state of Nebraska?

Hog farming is one of the oldest traditions in American agriculture, and Nebraska is one of the biggest states for hog farmers. Swine farming is tough work on the best of days, and disease outbreaks can make the job a nightmare. A variety of pathogens can sweep through your swine herd, killing or tainting them, and wasting a huge amount of capital.

If you want help with protecting your pigs from disease, we advise you to seek consultation from porcine experts. Suidae Health & Production is a veterinary clinic specializing in swine that aims to help farmers like you meet your production requirements while keeping your herd healthy.

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Professional Swine Herd Consultation

There are many different consulting services that Suidae can offer to your swine farm in Nebraska:

  • We can send swine veterinarians to inspect the health of your herd on a regular basis.
  • We can help you develop swine herd health protection protocols and implement them on your farm.
  • We can conduct bio-security risk assessments of your farm and other facilities.
  • We can identify and treat illnesses among your hogs including influenza, toxoplasmosis and dysentery.
  • We can install top-quality air and water filtration systems for your pigs, and train your staff on how to use them.


Suidae Keeps Your Swine Safe

Operating a swine farm takes more than enough work, so call in a consultant to help keep your hogs healthy. Suidae Health & Production is dedicated to helping Midwestern farmers protect their swine herds. Contact Suidae today for swine consultation services in Nebraska!