There are numerous employment opportunities with SuidaeHP managed swine operations. From entry level positions that require no previous swine experience to supervisory positions that involve leading multiple employees.
We’re always looking for hard working individuals who care about animals, are willing to learn and strive to do their best in everything they do every day.

We treat employees the way we want to be treated and are proud of how many of them have gone on to advance their careers in the swine industry.

We are proud to serve Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South DakotaWisconsin, and across the United States with swine operation services!

Full Time Employee Benefits

  • Earned time off
  • Health insurance cost share provided
  • Incentive bonus based upon farm throughput, pig quality and efficiency achievement 
  • Pension plan participation with employer match

Suidae HP Management System Summer Internships

SuidaeHP offers summer internships for those students interested in pursuing a career in swine production. Our internship program will provide you exposure to Industry Leader swine operations and enable you to gain hands-on experience in breeding, gestation, farrowing, gilt development, record keeping and animal care procedures.

Leadership and Traning Program

The goal of our training program is to advance the leadership, administrative and technical skills of our managed farm’s employees. We start employees with a comprehensive orientation program and offer multiple training opportunities for career development. We continually challenge our employees to improve and strive towards achieving industry leader level of results in everything they do.
  • Audio visual on-site training software in English and Spanish
  • Hands-on training on farm sites
  • Monthly safety, production, herd health and facility management training
  • Production phase standard operating procedure (SOP) training and competency certification
  • Bi-monthly unit manager meetings
  • Annual breeding and farrowing staff workshops
  • Presentations by industry experts and allied industry partners
  • Monthly newsletters

Available Positions