Swine Consulting In North Dakota

Swine Health Consulting Services in North Dakota

Are you looking for health consulting services for your swine herd in the state of North Dakota?

Pig farming is one of the most prominent professions in the Midwest, including in North Dakota. Like all forms of agriculture, swine farming comes with its unique set of challenges but the worst is trying to prevent and manage the outbreak of disease. Left unchecked, diseases can sweep through a herd of hogs, setting back production and costing you thousands.

To maintain the good health of your swine herd, we advise you to receive consultation from porcine experts who know how to protect your herd. At Suidae Health & Production, our team of experienced swine veterinarians, microbiologists and more are at the ready to assist farmers like you in protecting your herd so that you never have to halt production.

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Reliable Swine Herd Consultation

These are some of the services which Suidae can provide to help your North Dakota swine farm:

  • Scheduling regular inspections of your herd by swine veterinarians.
  • Assisting you in the development and implementation of protection protocols for your swine.
  • Assessing bio-security risk in your farm and your feedmill.
  • Diagnosing swine illnesses including toxoplasmosis, PRRS and influenza, and eliminating them from your herd.
  • Installing advanced filtration systems to keep your hogs’ air and water supplies clean, and training you on their operation.


Suidae Protects Your Pigs

Keeping your hogs in good health while achieving your production goals can be extremely difficult, so let us lend a hand. Suidae Health & Production strives to help swine farmers in the Midwest operate healthy and orderly hog farms. Call up Suidae today for swine consultation services in North Dakota!