Swine Consulting In Wisconsin

Swine Health Consulting Services in Wisconsin

Do you require health consulting services for your swine herd in the state of Wisconsin?

Pig farming is a major occupation throughout the Midwest, including in Wisconsin. As is the case with all farmwork, there are many setbacks to swine farming, including disease spreading amongst the hog herd. If disease ravages your swine herd, it can put a halt on production and take a toll on your finances.

To keep your hogs in good health, we suggest that you seek consultation from porcine health professionals. Suidae Health & Production is run by a team of swine veterinarians and other experts who are here to help farmers like you protect your herd and keep production running smoothly.

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Authoritative Swine Herd Consultation

Here are some of the consulting services which Suidae can offer to your Wisconsin swine farm:

  • The inspection of your swine herd by trained porcine veterinarians.
  • The establishment of health protection protocols for your swine farm.
  • The assessment of all potential bio-security risks in your swine farm and other facilities.
  • The diagnosis and eradication of all different swine illnesses.
  • The installation of filtration systems for your hogs’ air and water supplies.


Suidae Keeps Pig Production On Schedule

Meeting your production goals should never force you to compromise the health of your swine herd. Suidae Health & Production is here to keep your hogs in good health and your farm in good order. Call Suidae today for swine consultation services in Wisconsin!