Committed to serving people and their pigs.

Here at Suidae, we are passionate about working with our independent farmers to provide them with their own unique plans that will help them reach their swine health and production goals.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of animals and those who care for them. We are committed to each producer’s unique vision of success.

About Us

Suidae Health and Production is a swine exclusive veterinary clinic delivering innovative solutions and services to help our clients achieve success in the swine industry.

Our Veterinarians, Microbiologist and support staff are dedicated to go the extra mile to serve clients in consulting, laboratory services, procurement, and management.

Suidae Health and Production started in and is based in Algona, IA and has expanded to other locations including Morris, MN; Norfolk, NE; and Lake City, IA.


Herd Health consulting and visits

  • Herd health Protocol development and implementation
  • Filtration system designs, operation, training, auditing
  • Bio-security risk assessments, audits of farms, washes, feedmills, etc
  • Disease eradication

In-House Laboratory

  • To help speed up the time for diagnostics to be returned, sensitivities to be known and to be very reactive to creating farm specific autogenous vaccines.


  • All aspects can be managed for your swine operation from full management of financials, employees, and production or can have an individual plan created. Our goal is to manage the production to make help the producer become more efficient with their time and resources.

Product Procurement

  • We are able to purchase products for our clients for lower than market rates helping clients stay competitive and efficient in the market.

Innovative Research

  • With so many different products in the industry we have many different research studies going at any time to help our producers to make the most informed decisions for their operations.

Animal Care and Training Service (ACTS)

  • Helps producers get all paperwork organized for PQA and for packer auditing.

Accounting Management

Human Resources Management

PQA/TQA Personal and Site Certifications

SPS Planning

Production Records